Rainn Wilson Tweets About Del Taco’s $&%(#! Food… Then Plugs Them

Comedians love their Twitter. The problem is, it’s sometimes hard to tell if they’re joking, especially because sarcasm really doesn’t come across in short bursts of text.

So when Rainn Wilson (@RainnWilson), co-star of “The Office”, tweeted a disparaging and expletive-laden tweet about a potential sponsor, heads turned… and many are still left scratching.

Wilson isn’t known for censoring his tweets. He tweeted passionately during the Emmys when long-time star of “The Office” Steve Carell was passed over in favor of Jim Parsons from “The Big Bang”.

However, his string of tweets about Californian taco chain Del Taco was beyond uncensored. Check it out:

The Boston Herald reports that within an hour, 72 people had retweeted Wilson’s original “private text to his assistant”.

There have been plenty of meant-for-DM-tweets sent from high-profile accounts in the past, many of which have landed their sender in hot water. The most notable case of mistaken tweeting is probably former New York Representative Anthony Weiner, whose tweet to a woman (not his wife) that included a picture of his private parts cost his heaps of Twitter embarrassment and eventually his job and reputation.

So was Wilson’s Twitter slip-up really a mistake?

I’m thinking not.

Firstly, the original tweet “to his assistant” is still visible on his Twitter timeline. He didn’t delete it (you can see for yourself here). If that really was a text or a DM meant for his assistant, he would have no doubt deleted it the second he saw that it was posted publicly.

Secondly, the tweet contains not just Del Taco’s name, but the company’s Twitter handle. Why would someone @mention in a private DM?

No, my money is on this being just a big publicity stunt between Wilson and Del Taco.

Although there’s no response from Del Taco as of yet, this might just turn into something bigger if they play their “indignation” card right. A little Twitter drama between friends never hurt, did it?

We’ll see how Wilson’s tweet is received by the brand that apparently paid him $12,000 for a sponsored tweet as the foul-mouthed drama unfolds.