Korean Pop Star Rain Voted World’s Most Influential Person By Time Magazine Readers… Again

The people have spoken: as part of its TIME 100 poll, Time magazine asked its readers to rank who they think are are the world’s most influential people — and once again, Korean pop star Rain has taken the top spot.

Behold the vastness of Rain’s influence: by the time the poll closed, he had gotten 406,252 “influential” votes. Compare these numbers to President Obama‘s, who took 46th place with a paltry 5,543 “influential” votes.

But demolishing President Obama this year is nothing new for Rain, who was also voted the most influential person in 2006 and 2007, and placed in second in 2008.

And with such unstoppable power naturally comes a little jealousy: Stephen Colbert (who, along with Jon Stewart, comes in at a disappointing 53rd place) recorded a Korean R&B video in retaliation in 2007. The two even had a dance-off. (Videos after the jump).

But Rain cannot be stopped! Coming in a distant second this year was Jay Chou, Taiwanese star of The Green Hornet, getting 207,239 “influential” votes, followed by Britain’s Got Talent‘s Susan Boyle with 151,324 “influential” votes. Right. Makes perfect sense.

Kanye West was voted least influential, taking the bottom spot in the poll, followed by “tiger mother” Amy Chua and Jersey Shore’s Snooki.

As you struggle to make some sense, any sense at all, of this list, watch these two hilarious clips of Stephen Colbert taking on his Korean rival.