Railfans Unite For A Good Cause

RH16.jpgThis writer regularly gets letters from the Center for Railroad Photography & Art pleading for donations. “If you value the Center…please consider making a gift to support our efforts to preserve and present significant images” reads the missive, signed by John Gruber. It’s hard to ignore the fundraising-pitch when you see the impressive Railroad Heritage Magazine. There are more issues of the publication coming this writer’s way apparently (although this scribe didn’t subscribe – nevertheless the magazines are a welcome diversion from Lucky, InStyle, and other fashion pubs). Shirley Burman, an expert on women in the railroad industry, with oversee issue no. 17. This writer can’t wait to see World War II era black and white photos of women in overalls, bandanas, and goggles working the rails.

But there’s more to the Center than photos as the group’s name states. “Railroads and the American Landscape: Ted Rose Paintings and Photographs” reopens at the California State Railroad Museum in Sacramento Nov. 4. The group is also presenting “The Last Steam Railroad in America: Railroad Photographs of O. Winston Link” in collaboration with Thomas H. Garver and the Southeast Missouri Regional Museum in Cape Girardeau. Finally for you New Yorkers there’s a photography exhibit about railroads in Grand Central Station. Take a peak while you’re waiting for your train.

As for that contribution? This writer is going to take the plunge soon. Even it’s a small check for now.