Rail Maze Hit #1 in iPhone Paid Apps List: Here’s Why

If model trains (or real ones for that matter) fascinate you, you might want to take a look at an app that just hit #1 in the iPhone top free apps list. If you also enjoy puzzles, you definitely want to take a look at:

Rail Maze

Rail Maze provides a series increasingly complex puzzles that has you reconfiguring train tracks to get a train from its starting point to its finish. As with most great games, it starts off with simple to solve train track rearragements and moves to more difficult ones as you learn more techniques and rules. The reward is watching a train successfully get from to start to finish. This may sound unexciting. However, I found both the puzzle process and watching the train run a lot of un. Rail Maze provides four game modes (labyrinth, build railroad, snake and longest railroad).

The game runs on an iPad in iPhone display mode. However, the graphics look reasonably good even when the pixels are stretched to fill the iPad’s display. There is an in-app 99 cent purchase to get rid of the advertisements.