Radio/TV: Mo Rocca, Not A Fan of MSNBC

Homeboy spent a considerable portion of his comedy routine at last night’s Radio & TV Correspondents Association dinner ripping on MSNBC.

Comparing MSNBC to CNN, Rocco called MSNBC “Paris to CNN’s Nikki” (Hilton).

“You know it’s bad when MSNBC is one of the charities on ‘Idol Gives Back’.”

He said that if White House Correspondents Association is CNN, the Radio-TV dinner is MSNBC.

Not that CNN was spared. Rocca said that CNN calling itself the “best political team in television” is like calling yourself the “prettiest girl in accounting.”

On Amy Holmes: “The chick who auditioned to be on ‘The View’.”

On Fox: “A revolving door of blondes.” “Someone finally taught the Swedish bikini team how to read a teleprompter.”