RadioShack Plugs Into Nick Cannon as Chief Creative Officer (Really)

Yes, this was a "Wild N' Out" decision.

Remember RadioShack? Anyone?

It was a household name for decades. An electronics store that had everything except relevance. That’s why the one-time widget juggernaut filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy early this year.

While more than 60 percent of its brick-and-mortar locations are boarded up, the financial protection still protected 1,743 stores and 7,500 jobs.

(FULL DISCLOSURE: RadioShack HQ is in my hometown of Fort Worth, Texas, so yeehaw about saving the jobs.)

The brand may have been forgotten but yesterday evening, it proved that it was not gone because they hired Nick Cannon as chief creative officer. Yes, that Nick Cannon!? 

By all visible accounts, this is a real hire, not just a figurehead like RadioShack pulled with another notable guy who wore a good amount of yellow and tried to “live strong” although the steroids did all that for him.

No, this appears to be as real as Cannon’s acting career. Well, at least there is proof that he has one.

“Yes, it is 100 percent legit, and it’s more than him lending his name — he really is going to be involved, he really is going to be the CCO, he’ll have an office in Fort Worth (RadioShack’s HQ),” said RadioShack representative Alessandra Carriero. “He’ll be developing a line of exclusive products, helping to carry the in-store experience, like music experience and educational programs, such as RadioShack’s STEM initiative.”

Here’s the PR question: Remember Super Bowl 48? Watch this video to help your jar your memory:

See? RadioShack marketing mojo has already gone the way of reaching for relevance in the younger demographic. And how’d that work out?

So now, Nick Cannon is going to change all that perception of “Where can you get a good coax cable, VGA connections and a sweet TV antenna”?

The hope is that Cannon will help with “innovating in the consumer electronics space and particularly the space that empowers young people,” RadioShack Chief Marketing Officer Michael Tatelman told USA TODAY. Tatelman declined to discuss Cannon’s compensation.

Based on the press release, Tatelman has more to say:

Nick Cannon is one of today’s most successful personalities in the entertainment industry and the picture of a RadioShack success story.”

“Throughout our history, RadioShack has sought to inspire, educate and innovate through our different programs and products. With Cannon’s innate, innovative drive and authentic connection to RadioShack, he is the perfect person to join our team. RadioShack is back.”

Whelp, the seven within driving distance of my house aren’t back, but if you say so. Hopefully, Nick’s got talent — like, real marketing and PR talent. He’ll need it.