RadioShack Forced to Stay Closed on Thanksgiving After Employee Mutiny


The formerly dominant personal technology super store, Radio Shack, is suffering in many ways.

This Dallas/Fort Worth-based company is laying off employees almost on a monthly basis. It is closing hundreds of stores annually. Its brand is considered so antiquated that self-deprecationwas in order for its last Super Bowl commercial. Now it is facing almost certain bankruptcy.

That said, there’s still hope: Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and all that they imply. Unfortunately, it seems that this business can’t quite get those right. Maybe that’s why they hired Weird Al: this story feels like a parody of how to get ready for the holidays.

So we have a beleaguered business in need of some serious sales that also needs to keep its employees happy…and the holiday shopping season is coming.

Rock, meet hard place. Then fall in a ditch.

Late last week, RadioShack announced that for the first time in its history all stores would be open on Thanksgiving. At 8 a.m. Why?

“Given the customer demand for store hours on Thanksgiving last year, we made the decision to open on Thanksgiving,” RadioShack spokeswoman Andrea McCauley said. “It gives us the opportunity to stay competitive.”

RadioShack Hit With Ratings Downgrade, Suspends Dividend After Poor Q2 EarningsThis inspired many irate people to beat down the doors of the corner suites, because the company’s employees knew right where to go. Yes, RadioShack’s own complained…and their employer listened, gave its mea culpa, and reversed the decision!

“We understand the long operating hours posed potential issues with personal scheduling,” Chief Executive Officer Joe Magnacca said in the memo. “Therefore, we have created an adjusted schedule that will eliminate that concern and still capture the opportunity in the marketplace.”

This should be good…

The company announced that instead of staying open from 8 a.m. until midnight (because who doesn’t want to buy replacement wires on 11:45 p.m. on Thanksgiving?) it will take a midday break, and close from noon to 5 p.m.

The answer to satisfying both sides of this argument is a lunch break?! We guess that is fitting, seeing how RadioShack wants to have its cake and eat it too.