RadioShack’s Holiday Emails Will Change in Real Time

Offers pivot in recipients' inboxes

Attention holiday shoppers, your emails are now targeting you in real time—at least if you've signed up for RadioShack's messages. The electronics retailer will use Movable Ink's technology that allows marketers to set time parameters on emails, so the content changes according to what time of day they are opened. 

For the Shack's deals this season, people who open one of its emails will be pitched products and discounts via a timer app. Indeed, the same email message will change special offers and creative. RadioShack tested the idea during the 2012 holidays and saw a 25 percent jump in click-to-open rates—which measures how often recipients click through an email after opening it—compared to the year before. 

"We plan to use the Movable Ink app throughout the holidays season," Renee Adams, director of customer relationship management for the Fort Worth, Texas-based company, told Adweek. "We have an extensive email plan for Black Friday as well as Cyber Monday, but I cannot go into specifics."

So it appears that some email players are adapting to a Twitter marketing world this holiday season.

"Email marketers haven't necessarily kept pace with Web players in terms of real time," Vivek Sharma, CEO of Movable Ink. "You need email that stays relevant with your customers."

And you never know. A timely email offer could save deal-seekers the pain of enduring the mad-house scenarios of Black Friday in physical stores. 

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