Radio Reporter’s Middle Finger is Fully Recovered

This weekend, “The Takeaway’s” congressional radio reporter Todd Zwillich got a clean bill of health from his physician father, making him once again free to use a certain finger. “He was impressed,” Zwillich told FBDC. “Gave me clearance to use middle finger at will.”

A week and a half ago, Zwillich had the harrowing experience of dealing with an ingrown fingernail infection. May not sound like much, but it was painful, messy and involved pus. So much so that he would not photograph it for us — damn him. And we weren’t the only ones who begged him to get it together and snap a picture. Other reporters also wanted to see the gore, but Zwillich reasoned, “It’s not who we are as a country” (whatever that means). Still, he did provide amusing competition to HuffPost‘s Sam Stein, who recently bloodied his index finger when he sliced off the tip. Stein live tweeted the incident all the way through the ER and, unlike Zwillich, he bravely photographed the bloody mess and sent it off on Twitter.

A sampling of Zwillich’s finger tweets:

*Middle finger’s not looking good. May well leave this ER in a permanent state of Rahmism. Just left triage.

*Triaged. Now, waiting room. I am a patient boy. I wait, I wait, I wait, I wait. Just hope the middle finger isn’t “fugazi.”

*For those asking, it’s the nastiest ingrown nail infection you’ve seen. Don’t laugh or I’ll tweet a pic & I promise you’ll be sorry.

*Sitting in the ER worrying about a finger = very lucky to just be worrying about a finger.

*Only Lord Rahm can save me now.

*There’s pus involved and something called “cellulitis.”

*Just informed tonite’s anesthesia is a “digital block” lidocaine cocktail. Rahm finger getting sleepy.

Zwillich, meanwhile, is ecstatic that his middle finger is now functioning at full capacity. “Yeah, it was a couple long, difficult weeks without full use of it,” he said.