Radio Reporter Interviews Buzz Aldrin

Who doesn’t want to celebrate the 80th anniversary of Pluto, — or interview a legend who walked on the moon?

This morning on “The Takeaway”, Capitol Hill radio correspondent Todd Zwillich (who’s filling in on the NYC show this week) interviews astronaut Buzz Aldrin (the guy who walked on the moon with Neil Armstrong)about Pluto and other Space-related matters. Aldrin recently celebrated his 80th birthday, making his birth just week’s before Pluto’s discovery.

On NASA budget cuts, Aldrin said the U.S. must keep pushing outward into space. He said the lull in U.S.-manned space travel is likely to be temporary.

“Buzz Aldrin, c’mon how much cooler does it get?” said Zwillich. “I mean, they guy’s been on the Simpson’s. Plus he went into Space.”

He also interviewed Neil DeGrasse Tyson (named PeopleÂ’s sexiest astrophysicist and host of NovaÂ’s “Science Now”) who fiercely defended his position that Pluto is not a real planet.

The show is scheduled to air this morning at 7:50 a.m. and 9:50 a.m. EST. To hear Zwillich’s interview, visit “The Takeaway” is a co-production of WNYC Radio and Public Radio International.