Local Radio Host Gets Visit From Police Detective Over Tweet

What would you do if you sent a tweet taunting a competitor and the police showed up at your door telling you, very clearly, to ‘cut it out?’

Well, if you were Scott Moses, you’d try to turn the attempt at intimidation into something good for your local community. And you’d keep your sense of humor while doing it.

And please see the updates to the story, with information that came in after the piece was posted, in bold italics below.

First some background. Greg Hill is the host of a super popular morning radio show in Boston, The Hillman Morning Show on WAAF. Scott Moses is one of the hosts of a local show that’s gaining in popularity, The Working Man.

So it goes with radio, ever since Howard Stern set the standard, both shows can be a bit shocking at times. And (naturally) poke fun at other shows. Full disclosure: I grew up in the same town as the hosts and heard about this when I was listening to the show.

Here’s what happened, @WorkingManRadio sent this tweet (we won’t show you the video, it’s disgusting) to @GregHillWAAF, referencing his business partners.


The @WorkingManRadio team got a good laugh from it, there was no response from Hill (and no reason why there should be) and all seemed right with the world. And then on the 5th of July, as Moses is having a cookout with family, this is what he tells us happened next:

My cousin tells me two men [he has requested we leave the description out] are in my yard looking for me. I go up and introduce myself and one hands me his card, saying he’s a Boston Police Detective, and tells me he was here because of ‘the Twitter stuff ‘ and that ‘it needed to stop.’ And then he said they didn’t want to press charges, but ‘it just needs to stop.’ That got my attention, so I tried to put it off on Jay [his co-host] and said, ‘Jay put up some stuff and tagged a woman and guy in it – is that it?’ And the detective said ‘and you also tagged Greg Hill. You know, Greg Hill from WAAF,’ he said leaning forward. I said, ‘yeah, yeah, I understand.’

The detective(s) left shortly after.

Why would a detective do this? Moses tells us Hill is a pretty connected guy, owning two bars in Boston that hire cops as detail. Update: Hill tells me he is part-owner of one bar and they do not hire cops as detail.

Hill denies any knowledge of this event and was very receptive to questions via Twitter. Update: Hill also tells me that the first he heard of this was when I contacted him about writing this post. “I get @mentions all day and don’t pay attention to all of them,” he says.

It could’ve easily been an overeager fan trying to stick up for the host. We have to take Hill’s word that he has no knowledge of it, just as we’re taking Moses’ word that it happened.

Later that night, Moses tells us they all went out to a bar where he was showing the card around and cracking jokes about what happened. He lost the card, but he has a pretty solid description of both men if he wanted to follow up with BDP on this alleged harassment. Update: Moses found the card.

But the hosts from The Workingman say they aren’t interested in any sort of investigation, because it isn’t their way. What do they want? To settle it Working Man style – a charity fight.

The Working Man Show vs The Hillman Show, a celebrity boxing match would probably be best. If they win, all the proceeds go to a charity they designate. If we win, it goes to ours [designated charity]. . . . And no cops!

So what do you say, Greg Hill? To use the Townie vernacular, Scott Moses just ‘offered you out.’ Do you accept?