Radio Disney For Android

I don’t listen to very much broadcast radio, so before today I didn’t even know that Radio Disney exists or that there is a local station, AM 910, in Detroit. My new found knowledge is due to my learning about the Radio Disney app for Android, which is a free app that streams the Radio Disney broadcasts to the phone.

My understanding is that Radio Disney focuses on music from Disney artists, and otherwise child friendly music. The app includes some unique features targetted at the teen crowd. When you start the app you notice the first difference because it only runs in landscape on the phone.

As you are listening to the stream, you also see a crawl of shoutouts across the top of the screen. At the bottom of the screen is a button to send your own Shout Out that will eventually make it on the screen of all people using the app. Another button on the main screen is to Request A Song.

You can add music that you like to a Favorites list, but it is not obvious what you can do with the Favorites list beyond seeing the song names along with a graphic of the artist. You can also access a list of Recently Played songs and add them to your Favorites. Unfortunately, there is no way to play songs from the Favorites or Recently Played lists on demand.

In my brief use of the app on my Nexus S, the app crashed a couple of times, but the stream plays pretty clear on a WiFi connection. The unique features of the app are tailored at young teens, and if you like pop music, the Radio Disney app is worth checking out.