Radical Read-In Redux

The last time we checked in with our pals at Printed Matter they’d gotten John Waters to discuss red-hot poker branding and gotten a little saucy with some bunnies and some quilts. Today, it’s time for LTTR’s second radical read-in. The ever-informative Rachel Bers explains:

LTTR’s Radical Read-Ins are designed to bring members of the community into Printed Matter to share their favorite books or parts of books with each other, and to encourage conversation among readers. Participants are invited to flag books on Printed Matter’s table tops and bookshelves with specially designed bookmarks that have room to note particular pages, make written comments, or leave a name and contact information for future off-site discussions. Through the Radical Read-Ins, LTTR promotes reading as an activist undertaking, one that can band people together, revolutionize thinking, mobilize groups, or just expand a single person’s view of the world or the self.

The last book we bought and read (as opposed to the volumes of Vitruvius and OMA we just like to lovingly shelve and re-shelve) was Belle de Jour’s. Not sure if that’s what the kids at PM are looking for (they seem a little fancysmarty) but if anyone’s down to hop on the possibly faked bandwagon with us, we’ll see you down there.

535 West 22nd St between 10th and 11th Aves, today, 4-6pm.