Radical Read-in Redux, Redux

Ever since John Waters got on board with his red-hot poker, Printed Matter’s just been rocking and rocking and rocking again. This weekend, the last radical read-in, hot on the proverbial heels of raunchy rabbits and queer quilting, is happening from 5-7 Saturday. To reprise:

All summer long Radical Read-Ins have been bringing members of the community into Printed Matter to share their favorite books or parts of books with each other. While browsing through the shelves, having afternoon refreshments and sitting on Justin Lowe’s parquet floor made of tightly packed books in the Back Room, visitors exchange ideas about the books they are drawn to or want to draw others to. They can flag books on Printed Matter’s table tops and bookshelves with specially designed bookmarks that have room to note particular pages, make written comments, or leave a name and contact information for future off-site discussions.

Printed Matter, 535 West 22nd St between 10th and 11th.

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