Radical Craft Yields Pretty Things

John Hockenberry claimed he took extra long to pick out his outfit this morning since he knew he’d be introducing these three fashionistas today at the Art Center conference. First up was Harold Koda, curator of the Costume Institute at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, who said, “Thank you John. ‘Miami Vice’ is coming back.”

Koda gave a sprightly presentation on the history of couture. He named Balenciaga as the greatest house of fashion currently in existence, although we’re infinitely more interested in a designer whose name escaped us–they use molds and bacterias to stain their fabrics into a “lunar landscape,” as Koda called it.

We were totally excited to see Claudy Jongstra. You’ll remember her as the sheepherder hottie on the cover of Metropolis for her revolutionary felt made from a flock of 200 rare sheep. And she designed costumes for “Star Wars.”

So we felt a little crestfallen when her colleague appeared instead.

Oh, wait. It was just an introduction. She’s here. We think she was introduced by a sidekick because her sidekick has slightly better English. Her creations add an emotional element of softness and warmth to fashion, architectural detail, and furniture. Hella Jongerius’ Kasese Sheep Chair to the right. Her sidekick calls it “wool-being.”

Fresh from his breast grappling, Isaac Mizrahi bursts forth flamboyant and funny. He claims he hates fashion, but we sooooo don’t believe him. He does a Q&A with the audience, the only speaker to work the room so far. He talks about being an empire, which he is. And he does it brilliantly. Are we on his reality TV show right now? It feels like it. Someone please watch it and let us know.