Sponsor of Anti-Abortion Billboards Ridicules Oakland Activists Celebration

As executive director of Asian Communities for Reproductive Justice in Oakland, Eveline Shen has been instrumentally involved in a two-year grassroots campaign against anti-abortion billboards sponsored by Atlanta’s Radiance Foundation. So it was only natural that she celebrate when the ads targeting African Americans were removed on Monday from the city’s streets. (Seventy billboards like the one pictured were also erected in LA.)

Via a triumphant blog post yesterday on RHRealityCheck.com, she applauded all those who helped generate, at the height of the public protest, an average of 500 e-mails per hour directed at CBS Outdoor. But Ryan Bomberger, co-founder of Radiance, claims this morning that the billboard removal had nothing to do with the protest:

Despite shamefully biased and blatantly dishonest press from local TV news and area newspapers, none of their absurd cries of racism could remove the billboards.

Contrary to their false claims, the billboards were not removed due to their opposition; they were removed because of expiration.The contract for the billboards expired on July 10th; so, naturally, the billboards are coming down as new clients and advertising go up.

Bomberger is a Georgia local Emmy Award winner and comes to the issue of abortion from a very dramatic, personal perspective. He runs the Radiance Foundation with his wife, Bethany.