Radar Redux (and Suzanne Boyd really redux)

Now this is odd. In today’s New York Post Keith Kelly writes about the Radar launch party and PieGate ’05. Not so surprising, given the fact that pie is delicious. But halfway through the article Kelly switches streams completely, suddenly focusing on random party guest and ex-Suede editor Suzanne Boyd.

Boyd, who is Canadian (I know, suddenly this story’s getting good, right?), was lured Stateside to bring her hip, urban, fashionista touch to Suede for Time Inc. A great deal of hoopla accompanied her. Four issues later, Time pulled the plug, just when the mag was supposed to go monthly. (Actually, technically it went “on hiatus” until the brass could figure out what kind of new magazine could launch and make lotsa money immediately as all new magazines totally do.)

That was in February. Boyd officially left Suede in early April rather than stay on in a nebulous editor-at-large position at Time Inc. Why is this news to Kelly now?

We’re Canadian, but still we have no clue. Maybe Kelly just wanted an excuse to chat up the “statuesque” (read: super smokin’ in a sexy gold minidress) Boyd. Maybe he’s making a mixtape for her right now! Either way, with all the media luminaries in attendance (ahem, thank you for noticing) it seems strange that Kelly would focus exclusively on a months-old story. Either way, I think we can all agree that Suzanne Boyd takes a much more fetching photo than Nick Denton with pie dripping down his face.

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