Radar Online to Finish Redesign in ‘Next Couple of Months’

radar090408.pngRadar‘s Web site landed Alex Balk, then AB convinced Choire Sicha to jump onboard. What’s next? A redesign, of course.

Last night, we emailed Radar to ask about traffic numbers since Sicha’s arrival. Instead of getting any hard facts, we learned about the upcoming changes in David Cho’s response. He wrote that there’s “a site redesign in the works that’s focused on having a more clear information hierarchy,” and will be “more navigable and intuitive, which should help increase our user retention.” It will be done within “the next couple of months.”

You heard it here first, folks: Investigations into Lohan’s lesbianism, now easier to find.

(As for the actual numbers, Cho says traffic has been growing month-over-month since Balk’s arrival, “particularly in Fresh Intelligence,” and expects that the addition of Sicha will “add to that significantly.”)