Radar Gives A Pre-Oscar Tutorial In Party-Crashing

bouncers.jpgOur new friends at Radar have a highly entertaining piece guaranteed* to gate-crash you into a post-Oscars bash.

Tip 1. Pretend to be a Journalist. This will be made infinitely easier if you already are one, but walking in and barking orders at the ABC camera crew will make any bouncer think you’re supposed to be there. Of course, bark a little too convincingly and a camera man might punch you in the face.

Tip 2. Make a beeline for the most powerful person in the room. As one gate-crasher told Radar: “When you’re intently talking to Kim Novak about llamas, nobody’s going to kick you out.”

Tip 3. Feign illness. A pair of crashers posing as a married couple sneaked into Liza Minnelli and David Gest’s wedding in 2002 by pushing past the likes of Lauren Bacall, Mickey Rooney and Michael Jackson, rushing up to security and asking, “Excuse me, is there a ladies’ room around? My wife is not feeling well.” According to the piece the two were ushered in without question because “You know what they want to prevent in an event like this? Fresh vomit!”

*Methods not actually guarenteed. But if you do try them, tell us about it!