Radar Back on Hollywood Beam


Radar, back from the dead, has the results of their Hollywood Poll. Not much to shock any informed observer, but plenty to interest everyone. They claim that:

Our crack team spent weeks abusing their expense accounts on hundreds of surreptitious phone calls, closed-door conversations, and boozy lunches at the Ivy and the Palm.

Radar writers have expense accounts? With what–Linden dollars?

Russell Crowe wins Nightmare Actor, and since Lindsay Lohan is a runner-up, there’s no separate Nightmare Actress category. Pity.

We were pleased to see that Brett Ratner wins Biggest Hack, just as we’ve always thought. But who cares that Ron Howard is Beloved?

And the poll runs out of steam by not picking a clear-cut Most Feared Mogul–Steven Spielberg is mentioned, but he was also a pick for Beloved Director.

FBLA wonders if this piece had been sitting around, marinating, for a while. Most Hated is Mike Ovitz, with Harvey Weinstein a close second. Radar says that Weinstein has a good excuse for his screaming, phone-throwing, and bodily threats:

he recently told a reporter that his infamous outbursts were caused by his adult-onset diabetes and eating too many M&Ms

Recently? He told Seth Mnoonkin that story in 2004. Maybe he tells it all the time. Maybe he never shuts up about the damned M&Ms. Maybe he’s behind the whole M&M ransom/reward thing. FBLA sympathizes with anyone who’s got a monkey on his back.