Rachel Ray, Martha Stewart Watch Out (Not Really)

cc cokies.jpeg

We don’t know what it is about baking, but each year contestants for the Radio & TV Correspondence Association Board Elections bake themselves into a feeding frenzy.

Radio and TV Journalists vote today and tomorrow for three vacant slots.

“I think it draws people in,” remarked a reporter anonymously.

There’s no hard evidence that we’ll lose anyone to The Food Network, but this year’s offerings are pretty sweet. They are as follows, complete with remarks from our spy assessing the gravely important question: Is it homemade or store bought?

CNN’s Jay McMichael: Oatmeal cookies (“They appear to be homemade.”)

NPR’s Andrea Seabrook: Hershey kiss cookies, brownies dusted with powdered surgar(“All homemade, all homemade, yeah.”)

Pacifica Radio’sLeigh Ann Caldwell: Pumpkin brownies from scratch with real pumpkin. Homemade chocolate chip cookies.

CNC’s Manuel Quinones: Chocolate brownies with a hint of mint and assorted cookies including peanut butter. (“Everything homemade.”)

The Hill’s Erica Wisniewski: cupcakes with pink and white frostings (“They’re gigantic.”)Chocolate brownies with rainbow candy colored chips.

Federal News Radio’s Max Cacas: chocolate chip cookies (“homemade”) and miniature Halloween candy bars such as Nestle Crunch.

NBC’s Luke Russert: a wide range of cupcakes including coconut with various kinds of frosting. (“Absolutely 100 percent store bought, in the store boxes. Maybe Cake Love. They’re pretty fancy.”)A bowl of chocolate tinfoil Santas and candy canes.

Russert’s delicious display includes a sign: “Vote for Vigor.”

FishbowlDC wishes luck to all the candidates.