Rachel Maddow: “I’m Sort of a Creature of the Online World”

Earlier this week I talked to MSNBC host Rachel Maddow for a mediabistro.com “So What Do You Do?” interview. The radio and TV host had a lot to say about the Web:

On the way the Web has helped drive her career:

I read Web pages all day long. I don’t read print publications in print, and I don’t watch television . Even though I haven’t purposely tried to cultivate an online sort of pro-Rachel community, I think that there may be something about the way that I communicate and the way that I think about things that is sort of recognizable to other people who are very comfortable in the online world.

On crediting Web sites for their reporting:

I try to credit not only Web sites, but I really am a believer in the cult of the reporter. I believe if you are doing good reporting, whether you’re doing it at The New York Times or you’re doing it at McClatchy or you’re doing it at FireDogLake or you’re doing it at RedState, if you are the person who reported the information, who thereby brought that fact to the rest of the world by your well-sourced reporting, not only do I want to cite you so I’m covering myself in case your reporting turns out to be wrong, I want to cite you because I want to implicitly praise you for doing good useful reporting.

Maddow says she’s “unbelievably flattered” by the fan-maintained MaddowFans.com, and it also serves another purpose:

I’m the least organized person in the world. I have no archive of anything I’ve ever written, any interviews with me, TV appearances, nothing. The only archive that exists of my work in broadcasting exists because of MaddowFans.com and the other people who have created Maddow channels on YouTube and stuff, it’s amazing to me