Rachel Kramer: Digital Writer Spotlight

Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe, Rachel Kramer launched her short story about a high school student with ‘prophetic nightmares’ on a community writing site.  Follow this link to read more of her work at Wattpad.

Wattpad’s Nina Lassam praised her work: “Kramer is the author of “The Muses,” an extremely popular story on Wattpad that has steadily moved to the top of the popularity charts. Rachel has always been drawn to mythology and the paranormal. When telling a story, she loves to add a little supernatural to the real world, provoking that tiny suspicion in the back of a reader’s mind that says ‘there’s something more to our world.'”

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Here’s an excerpt from “The Muses.”

I know I am dreaming, so why am I so scared? My heart races uncontrollably as I roam a thick forest of eerie trees that have gone bare from winter’s chill. A girl appears out of the darkness, running full-speed, weaving between trees. She wears a white nightgown and her pale blonde hair bounces frantically behind her. I sense I know this girl, but her face is blurred, so I am left wondering.

The girl I know, but cannot place, keeps glancing behind her. Something follows close behind, but I can’t make out more than a dark shadow. The shadow chases her to the edge of a river; left without a choice, the blonde rushes in. As if it is me, I can feel the ice-cold water as it pricks her skin, sending a shock to both our lungs. It hurts to breathe. The current pulls her under, and everything goes dark.