Columnist Details Sexcapade With Top Chef Player and Personal Assistant

Wow. That’s all we can say after reading today’s recollection by Rachel Kramer Bussel (pictured) of a romantic assignation in Los Angeles that went off the rails.

She doesn’t name the person involved, or his female assistant. But apparently, the dude, who appeared on the reality TV show Top Chef, took a fancy to her and brought along his female assistant for all portions of the date. Including the part where Mr. Wrong stripped down naked, took a shower and then hopped into the hotel room bed with the still-dressed Bussel.

I still couldn’t quite believe he was so blasé about having his assistant right there. Were they together? Was he trying to engineer a threesome?… It was so surreal, we could’ve been on a sitcom…

“Just pretend I’m a fly on the wall,” the assistant piped up. I felt like I was in a movie. Who says that? “She’s freaky. She doesn’t mind,” he said as he tried to get me to take my clothes off.

Reader comments are coming in at a furious pace, with the female contingent berating Bussel for ignoring a plate full of red flag warning signs. So how did Bussel, who writes about sex for a living, bring the LA episode to an end? By doing half the dirty deed.