Rachael Ray Throws An Indie Rock Party

Fun facts:

1. Rachael Ray‘s musical tastes veer towards indie rock.

2. Ray threw a party at SXSW featuring performances by The Raveonettes, AutoVaughn, Scissors for Lefty, the Stills, Holy F*** and her husband’s band The Cringe.

3. The guy who played Pedro in Napoleon Dynamite did a DJ set.

Here’s how the party went:

On the back patio, one of Rachael’s favorite bands, Denmark’s Raveonettes, performed… while Ms. Ray stood sidestage looking to be having the time of her life. Later, her husband’s band Cringe took the stage with a guest appearance by ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons. At an already odd SXSW party hosted by a cable TV chef and featuring an also-ran indie movie star, Gibbons’ presence threw the WTF factor way over the roof.

That’s right. Rachael Ray, the ZZ Top Guy and the Raveonettes. Life? It’s weird.