Race to create words in Geewa’s OnWords on Facebook


Geewa’s OnWords is now available on Facebook, offering asynchronous competitive word-play in a style similar to Boggle, but with a twist. In each three-round game, users race to form as many words as they can, using 12 letter tiles in a grid. However, where Boggle or Scramble with Friends require these letters to be touching in some fashion, OnWords allows users to pick and choose letters from all over the board to create words.

Each round lasts 60 seconds, and the player who wins two out of three rounds is declared the winner. Certain letters become bonus tiles in the middle of games, adding points multipliers to each word they’re used in. Users are also rewarded for creating the longest word in a round, having the longest average worth length, and for using each of the 12 letter tiles at least once, first.

onwords 650 2

Players can track their scores against others on local, global and friends-specific leaderboards. The game takes a player’s skill level into account when match-making, causing the game to become more challenging for higher-level players. At the same time, if players lose matches, they’re lowered back down to the appropriate difficulty to keep things fair, and hopefully fun.

OnWords is available in five languages, and is now available to play for free on Facebook. The game is also in development for iPad.