R2Games Launches Nova Genesis on Facebook

Nova GenesisBrowser game publisher Reality Squared Games (R2Games) has announced the release of its fantasy MMORPG, Nova Genesis, on Facebook. The game takes players to a land threatened by evil, and players will complete multiple story chapters as they finish quests, recruit helper heroes, level up their own hero and more.

Gamers begin Nova Genesis by picking their class from three options: Corsair, Wraith and Psyon, each with their own strengths. From there, players are thrown into a quest-based storyline that sees them exploring and clearing dungeons by entering into combat against enemy monsters.

During battle, any hero characters will attack the enemy automatically, and players can spend Rage (think: mana) on special attacks to cause more damage. Rage can be recharged by utilizing the appropriate skills, and it recharges automatically after each battle.

As players complete quests, they’ll recruit secondary characters who follow along behind their main hero. These helper heroes can be leveled up using currency, and the higher their level, the more individual skills they’ll have available during battle.Nova GenesisOther features include a mount system, collectible gear for both main heroes and helper characters, and a personal space for each player, called the Zenith.

When players want to take a break from combat, they can head to their Zenith, where they can build a Gold Mine, Phantasma Core and other structures, depending on their level. Each of these produce the game’s main currencies over time, but these must be manually collected by the player.

For social features, players can chat with others in real time, add other players as friends, join guilds and more.

Nova Genesis is available to play for free on Facebook and on the game’s website.