R2Games Launches Kingdom Rift in Open Beta

Zombies Ate My Pizza publisher R2Games has announced the release of its newest MMORPG, Kingdom Rift, in open beta. The Facebook title takes players to a world where the seven deadly sins have come to life in the form of seven demon kings, who wish for nothing more than to destroy everything that is good in the world.

To begin Kingdom Rift, players must choose from one of three classes: Warrior, Hunter or Warlock, each with their own strengths. A Warrior, for instance, specializes in close-quarters combat with above-average speed and strength, while a Hunter focuses on long-range combat. Finally, a Warlock can cast magical attacks against enemies and has a high agility stat.

Players will engage in quests by exploring dungeons, defeating enemies and completing other tasks. This is a fast-moving experience, as players can allow the game to control most of their movement and battle actions, or they can choose to manually control their heroes if they’d like.

Over time, players can unlock glyphs that give their character a permanent stat boost, and can spend their collected currency to upgrade their skills (players will also receive entirely new skills as they progress). Users will collect new gear items that make their characters stronger, will receive login bonuses for remaining active in the game for lengthy periods of time, and so on. In addition, players can unlock goddess companions and mounts that will travel with them on their journey, with these characters also being upgradeable.

For social features, users can chat with others in a real-time chat menu, and can join guilds and teams with other players for a more personal experience.

Since this is an open beta release, the servers will no longer be wiped during testing, and gamers can play without fear of losing their progress. In addition, all of the game’s stores have been opened, allowing players to purchase premium items for their account with real money.

Kingdom Rift is available to play for free in on Facebook and in browsers.