R.I.P. Rising Sportscaster Jessica Ghawi, Shot in Aurora Theater

As our nation pulls together over the tragic shooting in Aurora, Colo., this post is dedicated to sportscaster Jessica Ghawi who was fatally shot during The Dark Knight Rises.

According to a piece in The Daily News, she connected with their Rangers beat reporter, and as journalists, it seems through his piece we, too may connect with her posthumously.

Immediately wanting to know Pat Leonard’s story, she asked him who he was, how he got there and ultimately inquired, “Do you love it?”

While Leonard doesn’t remember every detail from their meeting last winter, he does remember this: “She was one of us.”

And as much as we talk here at MediaJobsDaily about ways to land a job and succeed therein, despite setbacks in the economy and scouring for opportunities, we must look at the big picture.

Fragility of life for starters, and our very own zeal and passion for journalism that recently danced in her eyes, too.

Known in the sports world as Jessica Redfield, she loved hockey, loved reporting, and lived and worked in Colorado.

He concluded, “We may have crossed paths just once, but we were on the same path, and Jessica was robbed of the opportunity to pursue the dream that I now live.”

May she rest in peace.