Qwitter Tells You Who Unfollow You on Twitter

For the past couple of months, I’ve been getting Twitter messages informing me that so and so has just followed me on Twitter. For those whom I haven’t returned the “honor” yet, forgive me. I’m a very busy man and I rarely open my Twitter account anymore. But I promised to follow you once I have the time to check on my Twitter account. Please don’t “unfollow” me just you. It’s a good thing if I wouldn’t know that you have unfollowed me, but with Qwitter I would actually know.

Qwitter, which for the record is not affiliated with Twitter, you’ll get to know who has just “unfollowed” you on Twitter. It would even deliver an email message that might contain a message like this:

Arnold Zafra (aczafra) stopped following you on Twitter after you posted this tweet:

aczafra is a lame writer

Well, that was a fictitious Tweet message. Fortunately, I haven’t received a Tweet like that and hoping I will never receive a message like that.

But that’s how simple Qwitter’s service is. It tells you who quit following you on Twitter with a note that says which Twitter updates might have caused them to unfollow you. But then of course, it may not actually be the reason. Qwitter just approximates the last update you post before somebody hit the unfollow button on you.

Some might like this service while others may not. I personally like it so that I’d know who got pissed, bored or simply hated me and stopped following me on Twitter. If you don’t mind receiving email messages when somebody un-follow you on Twitter, just logon at Qwitter.com with your Twitter username and email address and wait till you get your first Qwitter message.

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