Quote of Note | Stephen Shore

Stephen Shore, West Palm Beach, Florida, January 1973, 1972–2005

“I think it is the intention of the photographer that makes one surface transparent and one opaque regardless of scale. Some are meant to be seen, I believe, just as a surface to be looked at, and others you step into and enter the analytic problem of the picture. I come from the days of the small photograph, and I have related it more in my mind in the past to prints and drawings. So it was not so much that it wasn’t for the wall as that it was a different experience on the wall. And maybe prints and drawings were not originally made for the wall, but most of the time I saw them they were on a wall. I would go to the Morgan Library and look at old master prints and drawings—things that also often stand up very well in a book.”

-Photographer Stephen Shore in Stephen Shore (Phaidon, 2008)