Quote of Note | Narciso Rodriguez

Looks from the Narciso Rodriguez resort 2014 collection.

“I was raised in a very rococo, gold-leaf, crushed-velvet, red environment….And my bedroom was the bone of contention in this Mediterranean, French-villa dream. It was white. It had a very brilliant royal-blue rug and black-and-white furniture. One wall had a very graphic black-and-white op-art thing going on. And it was strange for a kid to live in an environment like that….I was always fascinated by graphic art and typography and architecture. And so I was constantly cutting things and making blocks and making buildings out of shoeboxes.

I came from a lower-middle-class situation in Newark. It was humble. But I think from those humble beginnings, I was able to create my own world. And I really loved things that were black and white. It wasn’t until recently that I made a connection through the early years, through different points in my career, where everything is about blocking a sihouette or an environment or a situation….I realize that I live in the same environment I did as a kid, but with less junk and better art.”

Narciso Rodriguez interviewed by artist Rachel Feinstein for Interview. He’ll show his spring 2014 collection this evening at SIR Stage37 in New York.

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