Quote of Note | Mark Morris

“Everyone has seen many, many pictures by Annie Leibovitz, whether they know it or not. It’s part of the culture. Like the Love stamp. People know the image even if they don’t remember that it was made by Robert Indiana. And because Annie does make those famous images, and shoots glamorous people, somehow she’s not supposed to be able to photograph poor people or war or art.

The most terrifying pictures I’ve ever seen in my life are the fairy-tale spreads she made for Disney. The first one that appeared, with Cinderella on the stairs, kept me awake for nights. It was shocking. But I salute the weirdness of those pictures. I don’t know how she did it. They’re like zombie pictures. They impressed me enormously. I know it’s because of the new digital cameras. But they’re like Odilon Redon or something in their symbolist perversity.”

-Choreographer Mark Morris, who has worked extensively with Leibovitz