Quote of Note | Maira Kalman

“My other books tend to be more whimsical and surreal. I observe the absurd. Here I am still observing the absurd, but there is more actual information in this book. For example, Washington’s and Jefferson’s relationship with the Marquis de Lafayette, Jefferson’s favorite vegetable, Lincoln’s favorite cake, the workings of the Supreme Court, how NYC processes 12 tons of garbage every day, how the Congress works (incredibly). It may be information that you promptly forget, but it is still there if you need it. You can come to your own conclusions about what works and what does not work. I painted what seemed interesting or beautiful or evocative. There is always a lot to choose from.”

-Illustrator, author, and designer Maira Kalman on her latest book, And the Pursuit of Happiness (Penguin). We suggest purchasing copies in bulk, popping each one in a smart tote (we like Hable Construction, MZ Wallace, or BAGGU), and declaring your holiday shopping officially over. Just don’t forget to save a copy for yourself.