Quote of Note | Kennedy Fraser

Looks from Chanel’s spring 2011 couture collection.

“I once wrote the sentence, ‘Haute couture is a degenerative institution propped up by a sycophantic press,’ but now I understand much more deeply the preciousness of tradition. Later, when I was writing a profile on Karl Lagerfeld, I spent time at Chanel and met some of the women who worked in the atelier. What I saw was a very beautiful quality of humility. I watched the seamstresses after the show; it was one of those massive modern presentations with music and special effects. All they saw were the dresses they had worked on for thousands of hours, and they were so proud of them. It gave me a different perspective. Such satisfaction in the actual work of couture sometimes gets lost in the media frenzy.”

-Fashion writer Kennedy Fraser in the June/July issue of Town & Country