Quote of Note | Jean-Paul Goude

“Photomontage has always existed. It was more painstaking to do, but it always existed. Changing a little gesture in a photograph or changing the order of how people are standing. Avedon did that. He did a lot of doctoring of photographs, but he never told anybody. He didn’t have to. I tell everybody because I want to be noticed. I’m like a magician showing how I do the tricks.

Artifice is artifice. If you are photographing a group and someone is in the back and you put them on a little platform, that artifice doesn’t show. It’s the same thing. Whether it’s done before the shot or after, who cares? It’s all about the emotion you have when you see the picture. I love the picture of Naomi in Africa fighting with the crocodile. We found an unbelievably beautiful rubber crocodile, and we put it in the middle of a swamp, and hundreds of people gathered around, and the police arrived. They thought a crocodile had escaped from the zoo. It was a big deal in the papers. But it was a way of doing an interesting anecdotal image.”

-Graphic designer, illustrator, photographer and director Jean-Paul Goude in an interview with Glenn O’Brien that appears in the September issue of Harper’s Bazaar