Quote of Note | James Franco

A still from James Franco’s “Masculinity and Me” (2008). The video work is included in “The Dangerous Book Four Boys,” a solo exhibition now on view at Peres Projects in Berlin.

“I am drawn to [artist Paul McCarthy‘s] relationship with film and my understanding of that, having worked in L.A. for so long…the way he takes classic film and Hollywood film, and then, in his words, ‘just fucks it up.’ I have been working in that world for so long…but he has shown me a way of being able to step outside and examine it. I am honoured to be currently collaborating with him. Paul and his son, Damon, and I are working on a piece which will be shown at the Venice Biennale. It is to be a large-scale collaboration, hopefully with Ed Ruscha, Paul McCarthy, Douglas Gordon, Aaron Young, Terry Richardson, and Harmony Korine. Basically all my favorite artists.”

-Actor, director, producer, screenwriter, author, and visual artist James Franco in an interview with The Art Newspaper