Quote of Note | Ingrid Sischy

“Here’s an abridged list of some of the ways that [Karl] Lagerfeld gets more out of a day—and often it’s the night too—than anyone I know. Creative director and resident genius fashion designer, at Chanel for 29 years, Fendi for more than 40 years—a world record—and Lagerfeld, the house that bares his name. Artist who sketches with the natural ease of a true talent. Author who writes with the knowledge of the world’s libraries. Publisher who helps keep alive the art of book making. Filmmaker, who is creating the glamorous version of a Cassavetes-like atmosphere by casting his friends and chosen family. Actor-ex-Warhol superstar and current leading man in the many Lagerfeld documentaries that are popping up. Wit—who is every interviewer and writer’s dream, he is so quotable, and deliciously wicked. Collector, who has an eye for design that is as sharp as they come. Interior designer—who makes most of the professionals look like sheep. Letter writer—who would have impressed even Elizabeth Bishop, one of his favorite authors. Advertising’s go-to secret weapon—one who shoots the campaigns for not just his own houses, like Chanel and Fendi, but the competition too, and he also gets a Warholian kick out of creating an aura for all things popular—from Coca-Cola to ice-cream. Tired yet? Karl’s not. He’d modestly say he’s just getting started. And if you congratulate him on any of it, he’d answer, ‘But that doesn’t make the next one.'”

Ingrid Sischy, presenting Karl Lagerfeld with the Gordon Parks Award for photography, at last night’s Gordon Parks Foundation Awards Dinner and Auction in New York