Quote of Note | Frank Gehry

“Bilbao worked. It brought in money, it paid for itself in the first eight months, people like it, artists like it, museum people mostly like it. The attendance has been a million a year, pretty consistent, and the revenues to the city have been great. And then I did Disney Hall. And you’d think, well, Disney Hall’s in L.A., it’s not Bilbao, it doesn’t really need rejuvenation. But it has upped the ante for the community around. Millenium Park upped land values, it’s made a community center, there are artists involved, and it’s had a powerful economic effect. It is possible to do it, and I don’t think just to do it with anybody is possible. If you make a rather banal box like a lot of the British guys are doing now, I don’t think that’s gonna work. Might make them feel good, but it ain’t gonna pay off, except in their little egos that they’ve demonstrated their ability to be conservative and proper. You can quote me on that.”

-Architect Frank Gehry in an interview published in the December issue of Wallpaper*