Quote of Note | Francesco Clemente

“The concerns of a painter are always the concerns of an abstract painter. The images that I use need to be detailed enough to preserve their inherent narrative, and at the same time they have to be open enough not to be too locked into that narrative. For either the abstract or non-abstract painter, the question is exactly the same: how do you hold onto detail and openness at the same time? In the case of these particular paintings, yes there are the metallic grays of the Atlantic Ocean. There is also the red that is contained in the name ‘Brazil.’ But the images are not limited within that context; they open up by association to a lot of other connections and places.”

-Artist Francesco Clemente, in an interview with Alex Bacon for The Brooklyn Rail, on the works in “Clemente > Brazil > Yale,” an exhibition on view through June 2 at the Yale School of Art

Pictured: Francesco Clemente, “Father,” 2006-2007. (Photograph by Beth Phillips)

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