Quote of Note | Eduardo Basualdo

eduardo basualdo
Eduardo Basualdo, La Caída, 2013

“Whereas in the beginning I used to stress the viewer’s process of observation by means of miniature drawings and meticulous models, nowadays I work in human scale in order to maintain a direct relationship with the body. At first, the visitors felt the impossibility of inhabiting represented spaces. Now, through my real-scale installations, people experience the violence of architecture.

The body is what I’m most interested in. I try to highlight the limits of our bodies. I think of architecture as a kind of exoskeleton, which holds and controls us and at the same time establishes unique ways of relating to it. Like looking through a piece of glass but being unable to get the other side of it; confronting the possibility of being crushed by a stone; or finding oneself facing a jail whose walls can easily be walked through.”

-Artist Eduardo Basualdo

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