Quote of Note | Brad Cloepfil

The Clyfford Still Museum, designed by Allied Works Architecture, at dusk. (Photo by Jeremy Bittermann, courtesy Clyfford Still Museum)

“I have said that my career exists because of Bilbao, because Bilbao made architecture important again. Architecture had drifted off the cultural radar. With Bilbao, it was instantly driven to the forefront. As much as it has created opportunities for all architects, certainly myself, it also created a kind of aberrant expectation that anybody could it. One could hire a prestigious architect and the city or the installation is legitimized….Initially I worked with smaller, emerging arts institutions that wanted to engage in interesting architecture. They wanted the Bilbao effect, but they saw the writing on the wall, that that kind of spectacular architecture is not really where the future is. They wanted something more introspective, something more determined or definite.”

Brad Cloepfil, founding principal of Allied Works Architecture, in a conversation with theologian Mark C. Taylor published in the gorgeous monograph Allied Works Architecture Brad Cloepfil: Occupation (Gregory R. Miller & Co.)

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