Quora Users Debate Threats Of Kindle Fire With iPad

In a discussion thread on social networking Q&A site, users are pondering the question,”Is the Kindle Fire more of a threat to Apple or Google?” The consensus among the group is that Google faces more of a threat than Apple.

Analyst programmer Virgilio Garrido answered the question on Quora: “Google loses here. Like the iPad, the Kindle Fire is being marketed very smartly. As opposed to the likes of Samsung et al, Amazon has identified and knows it’s audience well and will carve out it’s very own market. Not only will Amazon be serving up its own ads which is Google’s business, it will also be caching the Internet basically and mining the kind of data Google is after, but more precisely so. Also Amazon has a content ecosystem that rivals Apple’s, which Google can only envy.”
Another user, Dan Ray wrote: “In the tablet market, there’s the iPad, and there’s everything else. The iPad could lose 10% and still be the 500 pound gorilla. Any substantial new offering in that field is going to hurt all the little options much more than the one massive one.”
What do you think?