Quora ‘Office Hours’ Yield Small But Cool Results

NYT senior financial writer and book author Diana Henriques has answered seven questions on Quora related to Bernie Madoff.

Some of those answers got only a handful of upvotes (this question got a total of five) and none got more than a few comments.

On the other hand, Henriques’ most upvoted answer, which got 38 votes (as of this writing) is compelling.

The question: “What did Bernie Madoff think his endgame was?”

Yesterday, the few answers to that question were pure speculation. (“He probably thought that…”)

Then in walks Henriques relating details from the time she spent two hours visiting Madoff in prison. Can’t really beat that.

Will 38 upvotes end up being worth it? When you take an NYT reporter away from reporting for an hour to answer questions, we assume you expect more than 38 upvotes. But for the people who did read Henriques’ response* they have gotten a priceless look into the inner workings of one of the most famous criminals of our time, not to mention the inner workings of an NYT reporter.

Plus, Quora is still new, with only a couple million or so users…Google+ is bigger already, as far as we can tell. So these types of “events” may gain momentum with time.

*Just to be clear, 38 upvotes doesn’t mean that only 38 people read the thing…