Quora Now Lets You Follow Users and Topics

While Quora may not be the hottest new kid on the block anymore, they’ve been admirably building their service with relative humility over the last year.  After introducing the fascinating gamification inspired Ask to Answer and Credits features a few weeks ago they’ve now updated their service to emphasize the people answering the questions by adding a “Follow” button.


As a user of the service, I can say that I’ve definitely found myself looking around for this feature in the past, especially considering Quora’s elite attendance list.  From founders to artists to designers, I’ve found some of the most interesting people online at Quora, and would love to follow their answers and see how much time they spend per day procrastinating on a social network.

The button will also be available for topics.

The follow button, of course, is a service that was first inspired by Twitter and has now become standard fare on any social network.  Even Facebook has introduced the concept of subscribing and unsubscribing, and the button will fit well on Quora — new users will probably assume it’s been there from the start.

I can imagine Quora will have to continue to refine their site in the near future, as it seems like clones have begun to pop up.  We covered Beepl, a Q&A site which integrates with FB and Twitter, yesterday and are curious to see whether any big networks will introduce a formal Q&A section of their sites.  Just as Facebook’s check-ins threatened Foursquare, so would it be if they put attention into a Questions service.