Quora Makes Changes to Profiles

Want to add your location to your Quora profile? You’re in luck. Quora makes adjustments to profile information.

Want to add your location to your Quora profile? You’re in luck. Quora makes adjustments to profile information.

If you’re a Quora user, you may have found yourself frustrated with some of the limitations of information in profiles.  Previously, Quora profiles didn’t include details such as location or employment. As such, if someone edited your question, it could be difficult to assess their level of expertise. However, this is about to change. Quora has made adjustments to its profiles which encourages users to add information about where they live, work, or attend school. The re-design has been launched in order to suite user’s needs, according to designer Rebecca Cox:

“Quora is growing and the previous profile wasn’t scaling with that growth. We have a lot of systems in place to provide a good environment for everyone to learn and share, but those same systems can be difficult for people new to the site to understand. If you’re new and are reading an answer or receiving a notification that someone edited your question: You want to trust the answer that is given and knowing something about the person who gave it helps inform that; You want to know why an edit happened and you want to know about the person making that change.”

Quora explains that the change is in response to its growth. The new profiles provide not only a way to identify people on the site, but also an opportunity for users to “put their best foot forward.”

“There’s a structured area so people can easily enter and read some basic information but there is also a free-form description where you can highlight your favorite content or explain your status in the system (as a reviewer, a topic admin, etc).”

Some users are greeting the changes with open arms. After all, if you’re an expert in a particular field or actively looking to network, an expanded profile is a welcome addition.  Moreover, if you’re a new user, the expanded bio makes the site much easier to navigate.

Other users, however, are not impressed. Some feel they want their answers to speak for themselves – regardless of their job description. Others are not interested in the higher degree of sharing, and some are concerned that more information in profiles will create an atmosphere that’s more likely to be about following people rather than information (the questions and answers).

Quora is aware of these concerns and followed up their initial post announcing the changes with a second more thorough post. This post acknowledges that Quora’s initial explanation wasn’t clear enough:

“It’s really interesting to process the various reactions people have had to the changes. Some have taken the time to polish their profile and have enjoyed the improvements. Others are offended by the very request for information.

Looking back, it’s clear that my perfunctory post (New Profile) didn’t do a great job of explaining the change.”

While Quora hears the concerns of its users, this doesn’t mean the new profile will be scrapped. Instead, Quora users will have to adjust to the changes.