Quora Launches Boards — The Easier Way to Organize Your Answers

Quora, taking a cue from their user activity, is updating their service to be just a bit more than a social question and answer service.  According to CEO Adam D’Angelo, people want to “read the most interesting content regardless of whether it happens to be in question and answer format or not.”  His solution: Boards.

A Quora user can create any number of boards on their profile, then post content.  They are just like a Facebook wall, really, and you can repost questions or topics or slap whatever cool link on there.  When your friend comes by your profile and sees your board, they have the opportunity to follow it.  If it sounds familiar, Adam describes it as a “lighter-weight version of a blog.”

But the key is that they are easy to organize, and each board is meant to be on a topic.  This does remind me of Tumblr, in the sense that you can develop separate spaces for each of your interests.  As any Tumblr’r or potato chip fan knows, you can never have just one.

Check out a clip of the new board below, and let us know what you think!