Quora Launches Analytics Tool for Writers

Today, Quora announced the launch of their newest product: Stats, an analytics tool billed as a “dashboard for writers.” The feature is being rolled out over the next couple of weeks and will replace the current Views page. The new Stats page lets writers track views, upvotes and shares over various lengths of time, which is especially useful for those who churn out a lot of content on the platform.

“We’ve reached the point where some of our writers have content that’s attracting 1 million views per month and upwards of 10 million annualized views,” Marc Bodnick, who oversees product marketing, community and business operations at Quora, told 10,000 Words. He expects that some writers will cross 20-30 million annual views soon. “Writers want to know their overall reach and how their audience numbers are changing over time.”

According to Bodnick, this sort of analytics tool is one of their most popular feature requests. “We’re a very data-oriented company and we’re really happy that we’re able to give our writers more visibility with their writing,” he said. Some of the more popular posts of late include former New York Giants running back Tiki Barber’s answers about the recent Incognito-Martin scandal and prison reform advocate Chrisfino Kenyatta Leal’s answers about prison life.

“It would not surprise me over time that we would make this product better [in the future],” said Bodnick, when asked if Stats would be expanded to include other metrics.

Journos: Do you use Quora for your research and reporting? Or just for reading? We do enjoy perusing answers in the journalism section (and here’s a handy list of journos on Quora).