QuizUp Tops 1 Million Downloads on Android, Too

Fast start similar to Apple version

QuizUp has more than one million Android signups since being made available on the mobile operating system on March 6, according to the count on Google’s Play store. The trivia app, made by Plain Vanilla Games, had already been among the fastest growing iOS games before displaying similar success with Android.

Released on iPhones in November, QuizUp quickly amassed one million users on its way to more than 10 million. The Iceland-based company is amassing a loyal following that's interested in trivia across more than 400 topics.

Thor Fridriksson, QuizUp CEO, has told Adweek that the average user spends about 30 minutes a day in trivia challenges. The app also lets users discuss topics on bulletin boards and message each other individually.

Additionally, the games provider has indicated an interest in offering branded quizzes. Big brands can already be found in the game—although they are not paid placements—with categories based on Disney and Harry Potter.

There is a quiz called Beer Logos, yet another area in which trivia clearly blends with brands. Perhaps Budweiser will pay QuizUp in order to hijack appearances by Coors (or vice-versa).

At any rate, the potential for ad dollars is there.

Meanwhile, in December, Plain Vanilla raised $22 million in a fundraising round led by Sequoia Capital.