QuizUp adds “Earth from Above” content, powered by Google Maps


Plain Vanilla Games has launched a major new topic in its mobile trivia game phenomenon QuizUp, offering content powered by Google Maps. This new category is called “Earth from Above,” and sees the game updated with images of famous buildings and landmarks, large countries and other geographical features. The category performs the same as others, with individual questions presented in head-to-head trivia battles, but users will need to identify pictures rather than simply read text.

In the Earth from Above category, users may be presented with an overhead view of Trafalgar Square (as an example), and are asked to identify the location from four possible answers. Elsewhere, a more zoomed out picture may offer a look at a complete country or island, with different multiple choice answers for each image.

The faster players correctly identify the images, the more points they’ll earn. Like in the game’s other categories, players will earn “mastery” as they continue to play games in the topic.

The Earth from Above category is now available in QuizUp on both iOS and Android. The Android version has proven to be incredibly popular, crossing more than one million downloads in its first seven days on the platform. This Earth from Above category joins the game’s 200,000 other trivia questions, spread across 400 categories.

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